Oh, the Horror (films)!!

Every October, S and I distract ourselves from the creeping cold and disappearing daylight by watching as MANY scary movies as possible. 🙂 It usually culminates on Halloween when we hand out candy during pauses of a scary movie marathon. Sometimes people join us, but mostly it’s just us.

So I am preparing for October 2008. But this year will be GROUNDBREAKING. Neither of us is at all versed in zombie movies, so *this* will be our year. Ok, I’ll admit – this is all me. S would be very happy never seeing a zombie movie – EVER. He STILL complains that I made him watch Dead Alive. But, but…it is arguably the *goriest* movie ever made and holds the record for most stage blood used in a film ever. Plus my high school friends still talk about me making them watch it and he couldn’t be left out of THAT club!!

Anyway, we’re going to start with 28 Days Later.

But I digress. Now, S is a weird character. He likes horror films, but he doesn’t like to be scared. He abandoned me during Blair Witch Project. He only watched The Ring via my narrative from another room: OMG, she’s coming out of the well!!!!!!!!! BUT, he really loves ARTFUL horror films (Giallo) like those by Dario Argento. Particularly Suspiria and The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. Oh, and all of Edwige Fenech’s giallos, but particularly The Case of the Bloody Iris. Also, classics like The Masque of the Red Death and Eyes Without a Face. I agree that most of these make for more interesting viewing than regular horror. Luckily, we have Netflix so we can indulge these obscure movie tastes.

We never saw any of the Saw movies or Hostel (despite Edwige cameo) because they seemed too sadistic – pain, blood and suffering for the purpose of pain, blood and suffering. We’re both ok with gore and scariness as long as it is somewhat artistic! 🙂

So I am asking for HELP here. Will you share your *wonderful* horror movie suggestions? Particularly any with an interesting and intricate plot and/or beautiful cinematography? (define that as you wish, I include bright red blood spatter under beauty). Help make my October SLASH-TASTIC!!!

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  1. Eeeeeeee!

    28 Days Later is both a zombie type movie AND LOOKS FANTASTIC.

    My recs:

    Okay, I just saw One Missed Call (the Japanese original, not the American remake!) and it was one of the scariest movies I have seen in a long time, omg. Fantastic. Very eerie. I am going to be adding it to my collection ASAP.

    High Tension was the first horror movie I bought because of how it looked. It is a bit gorey and it’s also kind of lame (wtf ending). The tension IS high admittedly, but the only thing that’s held up about it in subsequent viewings is the gorgeous cinematography. It’s not Argento Arthouse (probably none of my recs are) but it is just SO PRETTY.

    You can tell Dawn of the Dead (the remake) wants to look really hot as well as be scary and though I eventually learned to love it, the contrast of that movie hurt my eyes it was so bright.

    Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow isn’t really scary but I’d call it artful.

    The original Night of the Living Dead is scary and gorgeous. Maybe not artful in an Argento way, but, idk, I think ~*beautiful*~/artful horror is the type that conveys atmosphere (nobody throw anything at me–but I wasn’t a huge fan of Suspiria *ducks*). Dead Meat is the closest new zombie movie flick I’ve seen that keeps the spirit and atmosphere of NOTLD alive in its own way, also.

    Severed: Forest of the Dead is kind of ridiculous but also gritty pretty (28 Days Later gritty pretty, though 28 Days Later is better) and I have a soft spot in my heart for it. ZOMBIES IN A FOREST, AAH!

    The Evil Dead? All three of them? ACTUALLY. These might appeal to the Argento fan in S because the gore is so colourful.

    THE BIRDS. Atmosphere ahoy. Same with The Fog–oh my God, The Fog (THE ORIGINAL!!11) basically feels like the ocean–IT IS SUCH A FALL MOVIE–and is kinda jumpy if you let yourself get caught up in it, which I do every time. I love everything John Carpenter does though. His camera work is very simple and understated but everything really comes together (GOD I SOUND LIKE SUCH A MOVIE SNOB, huh?).

    No October is complete without these films and if you take any movies away from this list please LET THEM BE THESE:

    BLACK. CHRISTMAS. The original. 197..6? I think. NOT THE AWFUL 2006 REMAKE THAT OFFENDS MY SOUL. The original movie SCARES ME TO THIS DAY. Halloween did not reinvent the slasher flick, THIS MOVIE INSPIRED HALLOWEEN. It looks great but again, not artsy great, just really well put together.

    THE CHANGELING. It is not slash-tastic. It is a ghost story and I STILL CANNOT WATCH IT IN THE DARK. Holy crap. So S probably wouldn’t like it. But omg, I do. There are very few horror movies that can scare me twice (God I sound so snobbay!). There is one part of this movie that makes me want to cover my eyes and ears every time. And I don’t and then I regret it later.


    They are not artful per se. I mean, I think they are works of art, but in any case, they will SCARE YOU GOOD.


    (omg this comment is so long and non-sensical!)


    1. WOW. THANK YOU, Courtney!!

      So, I DEF added BLACK CHRISTMAS to the queue, and I’m going to run the others by S and see what he thinks because…I don’t want to watch alone!!

      I think the director of ONE MISSED CALL is the same one who did AUDITION, which I did not see, but heard was one of the scariest/most sadistic movies EVAR.

      Eeeee! I’m so excited – I haven’t seen a single movie you suggested (mostly because of my poor zombie culturization) oops, except I have seen THE BIRDS of course <3.

      w00t! Thankyouthankyou! I can’t WAIT for October!! I might just have to cheat and start early… 😀

  2. Well, after you finish with 28 Days Later, you might as well go on and see 28 Weeks Later. I LOVED it. Adored it. I love zombies, though. And why not see Dawn of the Dead, too? Because it has two of my favorite things in it: 1) zombies, and 2) a shopping mall. Have fun!!

    1. I was looking at Dawn of the Dead! I guess I will gauge S’s reaction to 28 Days Later and go from there. No Christopher Eccleston in 28 Weeks Later, but if you say it’s good, I believe you. 🙂

  3. zombie movies

    I am really into zombie movies myself this year and have seen some unusual ones recently.

    You might try American Zombie, which is a mockumentary about zombies trying to integrate themselves into society. It’s an interesting twist on the zombie genre.

    I also really liked Fido, which I would call a dark comedy or satire of the zombie genre. It’s about a 1950s looking world that has survived a zombie war and now has all these national security measures in place to protect them from another zombie outbreak. A young boy finds a zombie that he likes and tries to secretly keep it like a pet.

    Enjoy your spooky movie month!

    – Chris

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