Short Term Memory

There are certain routine tasks I perform EVERY DAY like, locking my house behind me. But some days…I have to go "check" several times to be sure I’ve actually done them. I KNOW this is obsessive-compulsive behavior, but it doesn’t seriously interfere with my life…yet.

But honestly, some things I do daily, like feeding my dogs, taking medication, or whatever just BLUR in my mind. I stand there with the dog food bowls in my hands thinking, "Did I feed them this morning, or was that yesterday?" And yunno, the dogs are looking at me like, We’re not telling.

So this morning I *knew* I hadn’t fed them, so I go about getting their dry food and putting the tea kettle on so I can pour hot water over it (Mmmmm…yummy). Then I’m Twittering, and LJing, and on Verla’s…but I return to the kitchen (mostly for more coffee) and see the bowls…and the stove is OFF…and the water has been poured…and I’m like WHO CAME IN HERE AND DID THIS???? Cuz I am alone!!

I have absolutely no memory of the kettle whistling, or pouring the water…except the big memory of having done it thousands of times. Anyway, moral of the story is: You CAN creep yourself out at 7:45AM with absolutely no help from zombies, or murderers, or vampires or ANYTHING besides your subconscious…if you’re me.

More coffee….

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