Scary Movie(s) – The Others AND Mothman Prophecies

This is going to be a two-fer. This week we’ve watched:

            THE OTHERS                       THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES

Okay, so these were both kind of concessions to S, who still needs a night-light. 😉 BUT I was pleasantly surprised to find that BOTH movies were SCARIER than I anticipated!! I didn’t even think MOTHMAN was supposed to be scary at all, but trust me – it WAS. In like, the best kind of X-Files way. And there was a moment in THE OTHERS when I screamed DIRECTLY in S’s ear – at about the decible I used to use for swim meets back in the day – and I haven’t done that since we had our first movie date at ID4. Oh god, don’t think about when that came out…

Wow, ok I’ve always thought Nicole Kidman was nice to look at, but I was never that impressed with her skills as an actor (see Far and Away…or actually, don’t). But she was GREAT in this movie! It had everything a classical ghost story has – big spooky house (extra points for being an old manor), shifty servants, slamming doors/furniture, mysterious pianos that play themselves, beautiful dark scenes edited for maximum TENSION, and GHOSTS. Should I ruin the twist? I think I’ll resist…but in full disclosure, I already kind of had an inkling as to what it was before we started the movie, and it STILL snuck up on me and was very intriguing to see how they pulled it off! Wonderful ambivalent ending. Oh yeah, and Christopher Eccleston was in it!! Reason enough to rent!! B+

I do not like Richard Gere, for completely irrational reasons involving my sister and PRETTY WOMAN, but he was watchable in this movie. Did not make it or break it. I was trying to superimpose David Duchovny’s face on his, but he kept moving… ANYWAY, S just finished reading this book, so I indulged him. He listens to a lot of Coast to Coast AM podcasts. Most of them are whacked-the-hell-out, but some (particularly ones about EVPs *shiver*) can be strangely compelling. According to S, this movie only faintly resembled the goings-on in the book, but it was FREAK-Y without ever even showing a MOTHMAN. Eeek. Basic plot: Richard Gere’s tragically endearing wife (Debra Messing) dies in the beginning and he experiences strange phenomena that lead him to this little town in W. Virginia called Point Pleasant (true story!). All the people in this town have been experiences strange things, and some have even SEEN the MOTHMAN, who is described as being 8ft tall and scary as shite with wings and an insectal voice and his name is Indrid Cold. EEEK! So Richard never resolves anything about the Mothman, even after being lured with glimpses of his dead wife, but he does find LURVE with a lady cop played by Laura Linney that I found only *slightly* unbelievable as a rural W. Virginia cop, but what are you going to do? Much of the FREAKY events in the book/movie ACTUALLY TOOK PLACE, which gives this movie even further scariness cred. I give it a B.

Next in queue: THE HAUNTING (FINALLY!!)

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    The Mothman is one of my favs–not the movie (I’ve never been able to watch through the whole thing which I think might be Richard Gere’s fault but some people say I unfairly blame everything on Richard Gere), just the Mothman. I love reading about all the sightings and stuff! It is ~spooky~.

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has issues with Richard Gere! So did you read the book? I was surprised how fast S finished it. It had to be good for him to read that quickly. He said it was less of a novel and more like a listing of events. Also, if you enjoy sightings and stuff (and I KNOW you’re up late at night), check out:

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