Scary Movie – PHENOMENA


(Ignore the stupid American title, PHENOMENA is best!!)

OMG, let me first say that I came to this movie QUITE reluctantly. All I knew about it was that INSECTS played a major role, and that ~creeped~ me out!! I assumed they would be horrific killer-insects that murdered people in disgusting devouring ways.


The insects were BENEVOLENT!!

And this was probably my favorite role ever for Jennifer Connelly. WIN! So here’s the set-up (typical a la Dario Argento): Young girls are being MURDERED around a not-so-friendly girls boarding school. A gentle old wheelchair-bound entomologist is trying to help the police solve the murders. MEANWHILE, Jennifer Connelly (who couldn’t have been more than 15) is sent to said ~scary~ boarding school by her father who is some kind of rich rock star you never see. She has episodes of sleep-walking and sleep-walks right into a (particularly marvelous Argento-style) murder. She flees in the night, and somehow finds herself at the home of the wheelchair-bound entomologist, which is WEIRD because she can SPEAK TO INSECTS TELEPATHICALLY. (o_O)

I really, REALLY don’t want to give the ending of this one away for those who have not seen it! I will say that I was left asking, "So what the hell happened?" but in the BEST possible way, AND there were in this movie: 1 insane mutant child, 1 vengeful school marm, 2 decapitations, 1 vengeful chimpanzee, 1 cesspool of rotting things and *floating* skulls (YES, they FLOATED), 1 not-believable boat explosion, and SEVERAL endearing insect communcations. Awwwwwwwwww.

So my rating: A++++

Next Up: 28 Days Later, dammit! Finally confronted S on his queue-tamperings. Caught him red-handed!!

Footnote: Have also recently watched Silent Hill (B-) and What Have You Done to Solange? (A-) which were both good, but the latter was better, OF COURSE. Like Black Christmas, it had a (more disturbing) abortion sub-plot. And in wonderful giallo style, some really, really disturbing murders.

4 thoughts on “Scary Movie – PHENOMENA

  1. I was like CREEPERS? What is with retitling, I ask you. Phenomena is WAY BETTER as a title.

    “The insects were BENEVOLENT!” needs to be on a t-shirt. I cracked up so hard when I read that. It is like, the best exclamation ever, just so you know.

    WHAT IS WITH ARGENTO AND HIS CREEPY SCHOOLS THAT ARE BAD. I love it. Also I will definitely have to see this at some point. I think you had me with the floating skulls. Omg. Were they ~artfully arranged~?

    I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE 28 DAYS LATER. I still remember the first time I saw it, sigh. I think everyone remembers the first time they see 28 Days Later. Or they should. Seriously, I was like, “Oh, it looks laaaameee” because of the big glarey red eyes on the cover and then I watched it and I was like, crying. Don’t tell S I said that though, or he might do further queue tampering.


    1. Ahhhhh! I completely forgot to mention GOBLIN’s music!! Phenomena had a *great* soundtrack, and that was partially why. Nothing like people being stalked & murdered to creepy ROCK MUSIC. I am so glad Argento and Goblin met.

      SEE this movie if you don’t watch another Argento ever. OH YES, the floating skulls were INDEED artfully arranged. FTW!!

      THE QUEUE SHALL NOT BE TAMPERED WITH (you know, I think S might just be *jealous* of all my fawning over Eccleston – AS HE SHOULD BE).

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