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Okay so back on July 8th I was in DEEP. I was revising, revising, revising the MS I finally queried two weeks ago…and I was deep in Office Splat. I would like to proclaim that I ~finally~ rented that excavator and managed to pull myself from the heap. Being the day after Halloween, it was much like pulling myself from a GRAVE. 🙂 But I PREVAILED, and here is my PROOF:

                           FOUR MONTHS AGO                                                 TODAY

SAD that it took this long. But hey, at least it HAPPENED! I actually sorted, threw away, and *filed* all those papers (after prying the file cabinet open with a crowbar – it fought NOBLEY for retirement). But I did leave the sticky notes…actually, there have been several sticky note additions, but you know, they don’t really get in the way so much as remind me WHY I’M HERE.

S was so ecstatic, he took me out to The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate, poor guy. He suffers in silence. He also suggested that my ~*creative energies*~ might flow more freely with the chaos gone…I was actually worrying the opposite when he said it, but my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth in chocolate-peanut-butter cup-cookie-dough cheesecake, so I just nodded.

Moral of the story: Your desk will not eat you…unless you let down your guard. SIT STRONG my fellow writers, we’re in this together.

12 thoughts on “Desk Revision

  1. Man I need a desk revision soo badly. Well, I need a bedroom…apartment…okay an all around revision! Just looking at yours makes me think it would clear my mental spaces too.

    *falls over* did you know you’d make my whole sunday when you did that. *cries*

    that’s some hot desk revision, bb. i’m impressed. i need to do similar to my space but i am just like *falls over*

    well done! eee.


    1. Heeheehee!! If you didn’t notice that, I was going to be like, “DO YOU SEE ANYTHING INTERESTING IN THIS PIC???” You and Edward sandwich the Blueboarders on my ~*sparkle-shelf*~, bb!

  3. Nice improvement! When I finished the first draft of Wayworn last year, I went on a massive cleaning spree through the house. My office got cleaned up quite a bit. Now, it’s not as clean as it once was, but it’s not as bad as it was before the great cleanup either.

    That cheesecake sounds so good!

  4. Hmmm, Nice, but I’m not sure I approve of this “improvement”. Neatness frightens me. Fortunately the roof of the mouth incident reassures me we have other things in common. (and the silently suffering partner–good one).

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