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Obviously, I survived Thanksgiving — and am a stronger person for the freezing cold air mattress and massacred pumpkin pie. I had no idea you COULD screw up pumpkin pie until my dad tried to make it this year. *shudder* On the plus side, ~amazingly~ I had no flight complications, which is good cuz it keeps reinforcing the idea in my mind that flying does not equal dying! Hoooray!

In other news, I discovered that trying to conjure my muse from a freezing cold air mattress in a frigid not-at-all private corner of a dining room in the middle of the night with a screaming baby down the hall…doesn’t work. I wrote one sentence on my still-new WIP, and ended up deleting it when I got home. BUT…after I deleted it, a whole chapter came gushing out! So lesson learned: vacations are for being on vacation…even if they are incredibly family-filled freezing cold events. Don’t bother trying to write, but save it up for later:

YOU FOE progress:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5,221 / 65,000

And now that it’s starting to roll, I’m really excited about this story! Eeeeeee! Nothing quite like realizing you have the bare bones of a for real, whole entire story rattling around inside you — AGAIN! Though the new-WIP ego has already started to squawk in my ear about how much BETTER it is than the last story, and if I loved that one, just wait till I type the last word on THIS one because I ain’t seen nothing yet…so now my first book has a hit out on this second one with the big mouth. Things could get ugly.

The other thing tugging at the back of my mind is the genre-trap…again. I had a hard time fitting MF into one category, and now I’m having that trouble with YOU FOE, though it’s ~slightly~ easier this time. There is at least one classical sci-fi element…which kind of makes me laugh because it’s something I *never* thought I’d be writing about. In fact, I never set out to write sci-fi PERIOD. But like I said, this story is BOSSY. And like MF, that one little element of sci-fi doesn’t define everyone and everything in the story. For the most part, my characters are normal YAs with the usual YA problems…and um, then comes the sci-fi to make everything more complicated. So IDK…I mean, I guess you could say the same thing about Twilight: Everyone is normal except the Cullens who are doing their best to appear normal. But…isn’t that true of EVERYONE in high school?

4 thoughts on “Insert Big Band Xmas Music Here

  1. I tried writing on a visit home to family one time–it ended about the same as yours did. Just doesn’t work too well, huh? I can sense your excitement in this new WIP and it’s catchy! 🙂

  2. YAY PROGRESS ~*~*~*~*~

    Hee, I love when books are bossy. It makes it a thousand times easier when they tell you what to do, vs. you telling them what to do! Rock it, grrrl.


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