Hello, LJ. Yes, I know I have been neglecting you…but you see, I met Twitter.
Yes, that Twitter.
No, I don’t think Twitter is better than you…but maybe a little easier to handle when things get tough.
Ohhh, don’t feel that way, LJ. I still <3 you.
In 140 characters or less.

So um, yeah…in Twitterspeak, this is what I’ve been up to this week:

Damn you guys…I think I might want to rewrite MF…AGAIN.

I was sitting here racking my brain w/ a plot problem for current WIP, and kept getting ideas for MF instead. *headdesk*

Eff eff eff eff eff!! Last year I took a machete to this ms…this year it will be a CHAINSAW.


8 thoughts on “Twitterspeak

  1. twitter is addictive. I know this because I want to drag my laptop into the closet w/ me so hubby won’t know I’m still on it/ on it AGAIN.
    Sounds coming from inside closet:
    clicketty clacketty crunch crunch cruch, sluuurrppp clicketty

  2. Merry Christmas

    Hey Emily– So happy we met up this year. You hardly ever post- ahem- but I like your blog and of course your tweets! Here’s to more writery camaraderie in the coming year.
    Best– Sue

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