The 25th Hour

PANTS FIRE Rewrite Progress update: 106/270.

Let’s not talk about that.

It’s funny all the things that run through your mind about a story when you can’t actually work on it. I have a small business that is turning out to be (shockingly) recession-proof, which I am SO thankful for. But unfortunately, the work keeps me away from home and computer ALL DAY LONG and that means my brain goes crazy while I’m unable to work on PANTS FIRE, and then when ~at last~ I actually get home and sit before the keyboard to let all of those thoughts flow out…I fall asleep. This. Is. A. Problem.

Purchasing my Blackberry was one of the most sane-making things I’ve ever done. It has a (so far limitless) memo pad that I can type notes into all day long as ideas strike me, and then it syncs all the new ideas to my computer when I get home. <3 It also allows me to keep up with email and Twitter. 😀 (This is the sane-making part). I work *alone* all day. I get about five minutes of socialization with each of my human clients along the way before I get started working on their dogs. I listen to audiobooks/NPR so my brain doesn’t turn to mush (iPod = BEST INVENTION EVER), but Twitter allows me to connect with other writers all day long. It’s as if we’re all sitting around chatting and I can choose to respond or just “listen” if I get busy (ftw! better than coworkers!) – and all while I’m at my very NON-writer job. 

But I would still like to say: Crackberries are addictive. Make an informed choice.

So even with the aid of my beautiful Blackberry (did I mention it is pink?), I’m still working on that whole MAKING time to write. Until someone invents dictation software that can magically edit out “Um…” and “No wait,” and “Oh no, maybe not that…” I will just have to battle against sleep. And possibly eating. Breathing is next. Shall I re-subtitle this blog? Writing YA while starving my A**? Writing YA to the very last breath? How about simply WRITING YA AND FINISHING MY REWRITE??

*headdesk* PANTS FIRE must go forth and query! I need rest!

2 thoughts on “The 25th Hour

  1. We really are long lost twins! I got my Blackberry in the end of January for similar reasons. Mine’s also PINK – I named mine Petunia. Have you named yours? I love it, but sainted Husband often wants to steal & hide it. It’s TOO easy to just-check-what’s-going-on-w/Twittter, or e-mail, or Facebook… Has your saint become fed up with your addiction yet?

    1. Omg! ~~separated at birth~~!! I have not named mine…I tend to break things, so you know, naming might make me get too attached should anything *happen*. But my sainted Husband got me a sweeet leather case for it in LAVENDER. Only color better than pink is purple! But uhm…yeah, I HAVE gotten some comments about crackberry coming to dinner………but the conversation can be so well rounded out with Twitter!!! ;D

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