Titles and Doings

Wah! MUCH has been going on here to keep me from posting!

One of the most EXCITING was getting to meet Susan Adrian and her lovely family while they were in Denver! Suze is one of my FAVE Twitter acquaintances, and it was awesome to see her in person and spend time talking YA (under the guise of a baseball game with husbands), and finding out that she is EVEN COOLER in person! See, I have proof:


(I’m the dorky one on the right) Oh, and the Padres slaughtered the Rockies, but oh wells. Most fun I’ve had at baseball all year!

Aside from meeting AMAZING and TALENTED fellow writers, I think I mentioned in my last post that I FINISHED MY REWRITE. And since then, I FINISHED MY REVISIONS. So I could no longer prolong the inevitable – the chocolate reward bunny met his demise. And then I got a stomach ache. But it was the best one I’ve ever had. 🙂

I proceeded to get even MORE stomach aches because I SENT my ms out to be read by other people – NON-family members – YA WRITERS – for feedback. *sweats*

I haven’t heard back from everyone yet, but the initial response has been more positive than I EVER expected, and I’m a little overwhelmed. Obviously the ms DOES need more work before going out to query AGAIN, but I think this last start-to-finish rewrite was the best move I ever made (don’t I say that about EVERY step of revision? Hee).

BUT – MF (Mind Fire) might just be getting a new title. Okay to be honest, I’ve never been overly ~thrilled~ with MF… S came up with it when I first realized my ANTI-TALENT when it comes to titling, and it has functioned pretty well as a working title. I’ve even grown attached to it. But (sorry MF) I never could say I <3 Mind Fire.

And did I MENTION the anti-talent?? Because let me tell you – what I lack in title inspiration, I COMPLETELY make up for with my ability to PUN ANYTHING. I have 1,000,000,000 brilliantly cheesey names for a book which (somehow though written by me) didn’t come out cheesey…I don’t think. Well, okay there might be a slice or two of muenster in there. Omg guys, PLEASE tell me if it’s cheesey, I can take it…


Ohhh yeah. Every book has them – the titles that NEVER were and NEVER will be! I promise this book is NOT a bodice-ripper, so…back to the drawing board. I’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel of my iTunes library listening to EVERY song I own for inspiration. I even listened to…Ace Of Base.

Might have to sit on it for a while.

But LUCKILY I’ve also added to my music library these past two weeks! My BFF Jodi tried to tell me about Regina Spektor MONTHS ago. And just like ME – I didn’t listen! But Regina kept popping up EVERYWHERE, and when she made it to my ears via Pandora on my Blackberry…I couldn’t help getting hooked. She hasn’t offered any title inspiration YET…but she makes me feel ~good~ which is awesome. So I leave you with one of my fave songs, Apres Moi,  from her album BEGIN TO HOPE – pick it up, she will make you HAPPY!!

13 thoughts on “Titles and Doings

  1. I have a great desire for pun titles. We should trade! I’m good at outlandish titles that have NOTHING to do with the book.

    Right now? My absolute favorite is:


    I think because in my head Chaos and Murder are people, and probably gay people at that, and probably living somewhere like Iowa right about now, y’know?

    And You Give Love a Bad Flame sounds like it could almost be a Gallagher Girls novel, so it can’t be all bad.

    1. Omg Chaos and Murder being gay people living in Iowa totally gave me CHILLS to think about – have you read Neil Gaiman’s AMERICAN GODS, bb? That thought is so straight out of that book!!

      1. Of course. That’s like required reading if you want to be one of the cool kids! 🙂

        I saw the phrasing marriage chaos and murder on some Shakespeare site, and was like…OMG, that is an amazing title for something.

        I’ll pretty much tack it on anything until it sounds good! 😉

  2. I don’t even want to acknowledge the meeting of Susan Adrian because it makes me so jealous of you both. Jk, jk. How could I not acknowledge that much AWESOMENESS in one picture? Exactly. God, you guys are so awesome.

    ~*Congrats as always on finishing the revision*~ YOU ROCK, BB!

    (Also: HAH! I love the tag: “titles suck.”)

    And speaking of titles, we will get it all figured out. Between all the people brainstorming… brilliance is bound to happen!

    Also, I vote for Carries a Flame if we dig into the slush in the end. It has to be done. Or: YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD FLAME. Yes. These must happen if all else fails. THEY MUST.

    And finally: EFF YEAH REGINA SPEKTOR. I heart her so much. Her eaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrlllllllly releases, 11:11 and Songs are also incredible. You should definitely check those out. I especially like Songs (the original Samson is on it). It’s got some crazy awesome lyrics and melodies going on.

    1. LULZ – apparently I’d created the “titles suck” tag a while ago. Hmmm!

      Idk, maybe it should be called HELLFIRE AND SPARKLESTONE, Y??

      I WILL check out early Regina! I’m trying to ease in and not run out of her too quickly! WHEN is the next Gaga already??

      1. Wait, there was a picture?

        Oh right. That block of color that I couldn’t see without going blind. I had to look away, the awesome was too much for my simple eyes to contain!

    1. Lulz omg there is video somewhere of me “dancing” in a talent show to that song in 8th grade. The word “dancing” used VERY advisedly. IF I ever discover the ~*magic*~, you will be the FIRST to know!! 🙂

  3. OMG, I would SO read a book called YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD FLAME!! It’s perfect! If you don’t use it, I may have to write a whole new book just so I can steal it.

  4. …Linda, you have my ~permission~ to use that title however you see fit! LOL And I can’t wait to read it either!

    1. Oh, boy! I will get right on it.* All I need are some compelling characters, a rockin’ plot, a relate-able theme or two, and more hours in the day. How tough can it be now that I have special permission to use the best title ever?

      *Well, after I get an agent, sell the book I’m shopping, and finish writing my current WIP…but, really, how long can all that take?

    1. LOL, feel free to rip this one if you’re feeling lazy. Tho I’m sure yours is better quality since it was taken on a real camera and not a blackberry!

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