Don't Go Through The Red Door


Two weeks ago, S and I went out to an Italian restaurant we haven’t been to in quite a while. One of the cool things about this place is that they feature the work of local artists on the walls, and if you like what you see – you can buy it. 🙂 S and I have been married almost TEN years, and I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve come across art we both really liked.

So imagine our surprise when we’re seated in a booth, start munching breadsticks, look up and see THIS!! And then we read the title: DON’T GO THROUGH THE RED DOOR. And we were both like :-O It’s as if…Doctor Who was made into a piece of metal art. That’s the only way to describe how we both feel about it. We discussed the piece all through dinner – the many interpretations we could draw from it – and decided we’d regret it forever if we didn’t buy it.

So we did. 🙂

If you like the work of Tim Herbst, more can be found here:

14 thoughts on “Don't Go Through The Red Door

  1. ANY picture that reminds me of Doctor Who goes on the wall right now! I think there is definite Tardis-like qualities to that picture 🙂


    Also that is fabulous. That’s a rockin’ picture. I love that you and S had a simultaneous !!! reaction to it. And the title could become a novel. And I can see the Doctor Who, BUT I feel like Dario Argento would love it too which. I could be wrong but whatevs. I have decreed it. It’s too late to take back cause I’m hittin’ the say it! button now.

    1. HEE! Actually, I think Argento DID come up over that dinner too! That’s what’s so cool about it! It could be so many things at once! ~*~

    1. Just wait ~ once you’ve seen the TARDIS you will understand. 😀 And yes, it got uber-place-of-prominence over the buffet in the dining room. 😀 😀

    1. EEEEEEE!!! Glad you like it!! Seriously, I’m always taken by surprise when I realize I like something like this. But yes, even sans Doctor Who, it is creeptastic and beautiful and Happy-making! 🙂

    1. I might just have to send Tiffany Doctor Who for her b-day (shhhh don’t tell!). Glad you like it, Linda! 🙂

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