I realize I’ve been an erratic blogger lately.

Okay, fine – ABSENT blogger. But this is starting to sound like the diaries I tried to keep growing up. Every entry started with, “Sorry it’s been so long…”

ANYWAY, I have a good reason — a GREAT reason for being *quiet* lately — a new WIP!

The working title is THROUGH TO YOU. It’s shaping up to be more high-concept magical realism, which is where my heart lies. <3 🙂 *happy sigh*

I’m SO excited about this new wip…over the last few weeks I’ve been battling out characters and point of view most of all. I had to take a huge GULP when I realized my MC is male AND he’s telling the story in first person present-tense. This is so foreign to me! But that’s how the story is taking shape, and it feels so natural as I go, I’m not going to argue! Bite my nails, yes! But I’m going with it!

As far as SPARK goes…still waiting. Sorry, that’s a crappy update, but it’s all I’ve got!

I also finished FIRE by Kristin Cashore last week. With no free time to read, I listened to it (as usual) on audio at work. I have to say, I like this recording much better than the one of GRACELING. FIRE was read in the traditional way by a single person, whereas GRACELING was done by Full Cast Audio. The actors who did GRACELING were great, but much as I love Bruce Coville…it’s just *jarring* to hear one person read the narrative, and a slew of different actors read the lines of dialogue for different characters. It works well for plays, but not so much for books.

ANYWAY, I really, really loved FIRE. The “monsters” were such an interesting, unique concept for fantasy. I admit I don’t read a lot of fantasy, but anything called a “monster” that is devastatingly beautiful and alluring is an automatic win with me. ALSO there was so much talk of blood, sex, affairs, menstrual bleeding, pregnancy and babies, my head was reproductively spinning! I love what a wonderfully feminist writer Kristin Cashore is without coming off like she’s on a soap box. I got the same impression from GRACELING, and it’s just SO refreshing. The women in her books are strong, but still feminine, and they deal with the issues of women in a realistic and mostly positive manner.

I’m trying to decide what to listen to next, but LEVIATHAN and GOING BOVINE are both in my queue. 😀

6 thoughts on “SPARK, FIRE, and THROUGH TO YOU

  1. Maybe starting every blog entry with “Sorry it’s been so long,” can be your THING even when you start updating with more frequency. And then we will read it and we will be like OH THAT EMILY. <3 Uhm, sorry. I went on a mental tangent when I read that para of your blog.

    1) YAY THROUGH TO YOU (love love love the title)
    2) Any update Sparkle-E gives on anything can never be considered crappy
    3) I feel I should read these books.
    4) ~*~ !

  2. Yay! Your new WIP sounds FANTASTIC. Just go along with however it’s coming to you–no point in fighting your characters. You know they always win. 🙂

  3. Courtney – “when you start updating with more frequency” – LOLOL But yes, I totally thought, I don’t think Courtney likes fantasy, but who cares – she should read these books!!!

    Suze – !!! We MUST talk, bb! By *next* book do you mean SALVAGED or book after that? Eeee! Glad I’m not ALONE!!! 🙂

    Linda – They DO always win, don’t they??

    1. I ended up going with HER FEARFUL SYMMETRY! <3 AN for her magical realism. 🙂 But LEVIATHAN is next on the list, I think!!

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