THROUGH TO YOU…is what I’m NOT getting AND what I’m doing! Heh.

TTY Word Count is currently: 36.5k (w00t!)

Unfortunately because of the time sucking demands of my day job, I have had to choose between blogging and writing a YA novel I’m VERY excited about. I’m sorry, WordPress, I didn’t choose you. 🙁

I hope to be back SOON when this book gets close to the querying stage…I see now how MUCH I learned from writing SPARK three times over, and I hope that will shine THROUGH TO YOU in this new ms. Hee. (I NEVER pick good titles, but this one puns so well! It MUST be right, Y/Y?)

In my absence, please enjoy the news that Christopher Pike is coming out with a new YA novel in September 2010!!!! *gasp*

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