A really brief post about super exciting things…

So I have been insanely busy for many reasons (some personal, some business, but for the most part I have been in The Edit Cave). BUT I wanted to pop in here for a quick update before I leave my gorgeous city, Denver, for wild and exotic Los Angeles!

I will be attending the 40th Annual SCBWI summer conference (Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators) — if you’re going to be there, please say hello! I’m *cough* working on my shyness, so this might be the only way I get to meet anyone.


I’ve been to one other SCBWI conference two years ago in New York. It was overwhelming to say the least, even then. This time it will be overwhelming AND I get to meet the following people: A huge number of fellow 2012 debut authors The Apocalypsies, Nova Ren Suma (okay, we’ve met before, but I’m so excited to see her again!), Mary Kole (my agent), Alessandra Balzer (my editor), Michelle Weiner (my film agent), among many other overwhelmingly awesome people.

And while I’m on the subject of L.A. and Hollywood, I am so excited to share this:

This is the trailer for a little Sundance hit called LIKE CRAZY, which should be in theaters in October. A few months back I wrote another exciting post about my book, THROUGH TO YOU, being optioned for film. Director Drake Doremus and writer Ben York Jones are two of the people I’ve been told are interested in making this happen, and they are also two of the people responsible for LIKE CRAZY. I have only seen the trailer at this point, but now that I’ve watched it three or four times…the thought of the filmmakers behind THIS trailer even considering turning THROUGH TO YOU into a film gives me the most unbelievably wonderful chills.

More updates post-SCBWI!


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  1. I hope jealousy looks good on me because I am *COVERED* in it. Have a fabulous, fabulous time at the conference — I can’t wait to hear about it.

    And LIKE CRAZY looks fabulous. It sounds like TTY is in good hands 🙂

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