Post-SCBWI (made you look)

I know I promised a post after SCBWI, and that is still COMING!

However, I have a few other things going down (including a teensy weensy looming deadline) and I want to make that post as epic as the experience it will detail, so…please stay tuned. I met so many amazing people and had such great experiences—I even remembered to take some pictures!

So the post-SCBWI post (um…) will have to be fashionably late, but it will be coming to you from Hollywood, so that’s okay, of course!

In the meantime, I suggest everyone go over to Goodreads and add Courtney Summers‘s latest novel, THIS IS NOT A TEST. Because she just released what it’s about today, and I haven’t seen so many people on Twitter hit the ceiling in a long time! If you like Courtney’s raw, contemporary novels where people are their own worst enemies and you never see the twists coming until you find yourself muttering ohnoshedidn’t…take all of that…and ADD ZOMBIES.

I cannot wait for this book to come out!  🙂

(full disclosure: Courtney is my critique partner—but that just means I know TINAT is awesome)

Okay seriously now, SCBWI coming ASAP!

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