2012 Brings TWO Special Debuts

I rarely get very personal on this blog, but today I’m just going to go all crazy whats-going-on-with-me, so…LOOK OUT!

2012 was already set to be one of the biggest years of my life. I have been entirely focused onΒ NOVEMBER 20Β as the date to end all dates (no, they haven’t rescheduled the apocalypse, but it IS when that little book of mine comes out).

However, my husband, Stefan, and I now have a second date to get excited about: the first week of June. Spring will be in full swing, flowers will be blooming, and we’ll be welcoming our very first baby into the world. Yes…I’m pregnant!

We’re totally excited. Stefan and I met on the internet when we were both still in high school. A classic YA love story, and maybe one day I’ll write about it. We got married twelve years ago, and I’m pretty sure most of our family members gave up on us ever having children. What were we waiting for? Maybe something to celebrate. So the coolest thing about 2012 is: within six months Baby makes his/her debut, and six months after that, we can celebrate as a family for the debut of THROUGH TO YOU.

Life is amazing. <3

16 thoughts on “2012 Brings TWO Special Debuts

  1. Wow congratulations!! All this sounds so exciting and full of happiness! You will be a wonderful mother! I’m curious about your book too, how is it going? πŸ˜€ Is the cover done? WIll you reveal it soon? Can’t wait!!

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